Prof. Melanie Krause, Ph.D.


  • Air Pollution in an Urban World: A Global View on Density, Cities, and Emissions,
    joint work with David Castells-Quintana and Elisa Dienesch, Ecological Economics, Forthcoming. Link to article. Working Paper version.
  • The Urbanising Force of Global Warming: The Role of Climate Change in the Spatial Distribution of Population,
    joint work with David Castells-Quintana and Tom McDermott, Journal of Economic Geography, Forthcoming. Link to article. Draft version
  • Population, Light, and the Size Distribution of Cities,
    joint work with Christian Düben. Journal of Regional Science 61(1), 2021, pp.189-211.
    Link to article. Online appendix
Working Papers
  • Top Lights - Bright Cities and Their Contribution to Economic Development,
    joint work with Richard Bluhm. CESifo Working Paper 7411, Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Development Economics.
  • The Emperor's Geography - City Locations, Nature and Institutional Optimization,
    joint work with Christian Düben. SSRN Working Paper 3713325, Revise and Resubmit at Economic Journal.
  • The Geographical Determinants of Within-City Heterogeneity in Urban Density,
    joint work with André Seidel. CESifo Working Paper 8660.
Work in Progress
  • Regional Convergence at the County Level: The Role of Commuters,
    joint work with Sebastian Kripfganz.
  • Growth and Spatial Inequality,
    joint work with Richard Bluhm and Christian Lessmann.
Smaller Notes
  • Corrigendum to "Elliptical Lorenz Curves" [J. Econom. 40 (1989) 327 - 338], Journal of Econometrics 174, 2013, p.44. Link to article. Draft version.