Prof. Melanie Krause, Ph.D.
Hamburg University
Economics Department
Von-Melle-Park 5
20146 Hamburg, Germany
+49 40 42838 2082
[email protected]

Prof. Melanie Krause, Ph.D.

I am a Junior Professor in Macroeconomics
at Hamburg University.

Welcome to my personal homepage!

My work crosses the fields of Empirical Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics.
Main interests: Urban and Regional Economics, Development Economics, Income Inequality,
in particular using Geo-Spatial Data and Machine Leaning Methods.

Research grant (2017-2020) by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the project Shining (New) Light on Regional Inequality, Convergence and Development, jointly with Richard Bluhm and Christian Lessmann. Click here for more information.

Curriculum Vitae

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  • Air Pollution in an Urban World: A Global View on Density, Cities, and Emissions,
    joint work with David Castells-Quintana and Elisa Dienesch, Ecological Economics 189, 2021, article 107153. Link to article. Working Paper version.
  • The Urbanising Force of Global Warming: The Role of Climate Change in the Spatial Distribution of Population,
    joint work with David Castells-Quintana and Tom McDermott, Journal of Economic Geography 21(4), 2021, pp.531-556. Link to article. Online appendix. Draft version
  • Population, Light, and the Size Distribution of Cities,
    joint work with Christian Düben. Journal of Regional Science 61(1), 2021, pp.189-211.
    Link to article. Online appendix
Working Papers
  • Top Lights - Bright Cities and Their Contribution to Economic Development,
    joint work with Richard Bluhm. CESifo Working Paper 7411, Revise and Resubmit (2nd Round) at Journal of Development Economics.
  • The Emperor's Geography - City Locations, Nature and Institutional Optimization,
    joint work with Christian Düben. SSRN Working Paper 3713325, Revise and Resubmit (2nd Round) at Economic Journal.
  • The Geographical Determinants of Within-City Heterogeneity in Urban Density,
    joint work with André Seidel. CESifo Working Paper 8660.
Work in Progress
  • Regional Convergence at the County Level: The Role of Commuters,
    joint work with Sebastian Kripfganz.
  • Growth and Spatial Inequality,
    joint work with Richard Bluhm and Christian Lessmann.
Smaller Notes
  • Corrigendum to "Elliptical Lorenz Curves" [J. Econom. 40 (1989) 327 - 338], Journal of Econometrics 174, 2013, p.44. Link to article. Draft version.